Government’s Affordable Action Housing Plan Good For WA


by REIWA President – Hayden Groves


Housing affordability and diversity remains a topical issue with governments across Australia, so it was pleasing to see, earlier this month, Western Australian Minister for Housing, Veterans Issues and Youth Peter Tinley announcing the State Government’s vision for a more compact and connected city with improved housing affordability and diversity.

The State Government aims to deliver affordable homes as part of its Metronet vision and is currently developing an Affordable Action Housing Plan, which will be released later this year.

The action plan will focus on the connection between people, place and home, real and enduring affordability for those on low-to-moderate incomes, earlier and more connected housing and support services, creation of diverse precincts that will include options to meet diversity of need.

REIWA supports this new initiative and we congratulate the State Government and Minister Tinley on their commitment to promoting a connected, sustainable and accessible property market into the future.

Access to secure and appropriate housing is essential to the success of communities and the prosperity of our state. By 2050, The State Planning Strategy 2050 forecasts WA’s population will have increased to between 4.4 and 5.6 million, with the household composition and age demographic also expected to change significantly over this time. In order to accommodate the changing needs of Western Australians, it is essential there are more appropriate, diverse and affordable housing options available across the state.

At present, 80% of WA’s provision of housing is standalone detached houses. In order to adequately cater for our aging population, along with the influx of people coming to WA over the next 30 or so years, it’s recommended a more diverse balance of housing typologies is required; 56% separate houses, 35% semi-detached and 9% apartments. Clearly, we are a long way off this and more needs to be done to address this requirement.

The State Government’s Affordable Housing Action Plan is a positive step in the right direction and we are looking forward to working alongside the government to ensure the action plan is effective and makes a positive impact on the lives of Western Australians.

In addition, REIWA has been invited to be part of the Metronet Private Sector Reference Group where, along with seven other private sector industry bodies, we will be advising on a variety of complex planning issues vital to Metronet. REIWA will be working to advocate the delivery of appropriate housing stock and the creation of Metrohubs.

It is important that all Western Australians have access to safe, accessable and affordable housing, and the State Government’s dedication to improving housing affordability and diversity in our state will go a long way to ensuring the dream of homeownership remains alive and well in Western Australia.

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