A nice garden can add huge value to your home

West Real Estate   The Weekend West   (14th April 2019)

How much value do you place on your lawn when you are getting ready to list your home for sale? According to a recent survey conducted by Turf Australia and Raine & Horne Real Estate Agents the answer should be “fairly high” as the survey revealed gardens can add more than $100,000 to the value of a home.                                                                                                                                             While this figure might sound too high to be true, the basis for the result is quite simple.

Forty percent of agents surveyed believed a nicely presented lawn could boost the value of a home by more than 20% whilst almost one quarter (23.3%) said it could add more than 30%. Based on the Australian median dwelling price of $524,478 according to CoreLogic, a 20% increase equates to over $100,000.

One of the key markers to pay attention to when looking for this increase was “a nicely presented lawn” meaning the lawn needed to be bright, luscious and green to really hit the spot. Professional renovator and interior designer Bonnie Hindmarsh said re-turfing a front or backyard had the power to provide an instant facelift and could transform a space without costing the earth. “Lawn is a wonderful drawcard for buyers when selling your home,” she said. “Gardens and lawns are nearly always a second thought when renovating, but they can have a powerful impact and can make a great first impression – lawn renovations are a relatively small investment in comparison to other renovations around your home but can have a huge impact on your overall house appeal when selling,” she said.

Among the results from the Turf Australia and Raine & Horne survey, 24% of agents said potential buyers always or usually would not buy a house without lawn, whilst 50% of agents surveyed had advised clients to add lawn to their home pre-sale. According to the real estate agents surveyed, the main attractions of lawn for buyers were the improved look and feel of a property, added lifestyle and relaxation appeal and a safe playing area for children.

In addition to revitalising the lawn, Ms Hindmarsh had other budget friendly renovation tips for preparing a home for sale. “Simple cost effective changes like soft furnishings are a wonderful way to give your home that fresh feel – new cushions for your lounge, some crisp new linen for your bedroom or decluttering are inexpensive ways to freshen up a space,” she said.

“Sprucing up your front door with some new hardware and a coat of paint are fabulous ways to add interest to your property and the cost can be kept low by doing it yourself,” she said.

Another tip from Ms Hindmarsh was to spray the façade using a spray gun. “Paint always gives you the biggest bang for your buck and changing the whole colour of your exterior can happen in as little as two days with the right preparation and tools,” she said.

Her parting piece of advice for getting the house ready for sale was not to get too worked up if things did not quite go to plan. “Renovations are always going to throw a curve ball at you at some stage – roll with it, deal with it and move on,” she said.

“It will make the whole process easier as no matter how much you plan and budget, not everything will be perfect – don’t let perfect get in the way of better,” she said.

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