New Home or New Kitchen

Does Your Kitchen Feel Small?

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Is there never enough cupboard space?

A small, cramped kitchen can make cooking extremely frustrating and make entertaining an impossible nightmare. If an extension or a refit isn’t convenient, there is a range of practical alternatives you can use to make a poky kitchen feel more spacious and user friendly.

A wall of cupboards makes for a heavy look, especially if the doors are timber. Try replacing some of the doors with glass, and then fill these new cupboards with your crystal or pretty china. This will lighten up the area as well as add to the aesthetics.

Alternatively, replace overhead cupboards with open shelves and fill this space with stylish glass jars full of your most popular foodstuffs. Additionally, plate racks have returned to popularity and can be used to free up some cupboard space. They look attractive and make serving meals that much easier.

Curtains in a small kitchen can be limiting. Blinds are a contemporary alternative and if privacy isn’t a problem, perhaps leave the window bare altogether. The additional light during the day will provide the feeling of extra space.

Hanging utensils is a useful way to free up a drawer or cupboard and can be achieved easily and economically with the very stylish racks and rails that are available today. If you have quality cookware, hanging it in your kitchen will make it a feature and enhance accessibility.

It is important to look at the symmetry in your kitchen. When this is working positively, a small space can feel much larger. Make all your work surfaces the same height, including the stove top. Clear through ways and go for the minimalist approach. Clutter can be claustrophobic.

Finally, floors can improve the perception of space. With finishes such as tile and stone, use light neutral colours on the walls. This will give the impression of ongoing space rather than a defined, closed off feeling. The lighter the colour on the walls, the greater the perception of space in the kitchen.

If you think you may be moving anytime in the near future, then fixing up your kitchen is one of the best ways of making more money on the sale of your home.

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