Choosing Colours for Your Home

Can’t put it off any longer?

You’ve finally resolved to paint the end room, but you’re not sure where to start?

The key to a smart and successful painting project begins with preparation.

The first decision is to determine which colour will work best for your room. This is not as simple as it sounds, for instance will your room look more appropriate in cool or warm colours?

To help you get started these general principles apply:

Cool colours will:                                                                                                       

  • Make a room appear larger.
  • Make objects appear smaller and lighter in weight.
  • Appear to make time pass more slowly. (Hard to believe, but true.)
  • Make the room appear colder in temperature.
  • Have a dampening effect on the quality of conversations.

Warm colours will:

  • Encourage and maintain body warmth.
  • Make a room appear smaller and cosier.
  • Make objects appear larger and heavier in weight.
  • Appear to make time pass more quickly.

Your second consideration is to match the purpose of the room with an appropriate colour. When you do this, it is helpful to consider the amount of natural light the room receives. For instance, a day room that receives a lot of natural light would benefit from a cool colour, but a dining room or parents’ lounge would benefit from warmer colours to project a feeling of warmth, cosiness and intimacy.

To help you make this decision, it is worthwhile understanding the psychology behind colours therefore you may consider these:

  • Red (warm) – symbolises love, vitality, passion, courage and danger.
  • Yellow (warm) – symbolises optimism, cheer, wisdom and warmth.
  • White (cool) – symbolises joy, hope, innocence and cleanliness.
  • Blue (cool) – symbolises serenity, loyalty, sincerity and peace.
  • Green (cool) – symbolises growth, birth, wealth, compassion and refreshment.
  • Brown (warm) – symbolises tranquillity, safety and earthliness.

If you use these basic principles when you’re ready to choose interior paint colours and if you match these colour ideas with the main purpose you’re going to use each room, you are odds on to choose a paint colour that works for you. This means you will receive a lot more satisfaction and enjoyment from your living environment.

Be brave! It’s your house; let it reflect exactly how you want to feel. A fresh coat of paint is a simple and cost effective way of adding value to your home.

At the same time, should you be thinking of placing your home on the market, a bright paint job will help it to sell quickly and for more money.